About The Holier Grail

miracleHave you ever had something happen that was totally out of the norm? Something that was completely unexpected? An event that couldn’t be explained? Most people have at some point in their life witnessed or gone through an extraordinary experience outside the laws of nature. An event or incident that occurred that saved the moment or the day or the life of the recipient. These episodes are often referred to as miracles.

The Holier Grail blog site is about sharing stories of miracles that have shaped the beliefs of millions to those which have privately occurred in a lone individual’s life. According to J.E. Littlewood the British mathematician, miracles are more commonplace than we realize. He suggests that statistically “miracles” happen to each of us at a rate of about one a month. Unless they are life shaking, do most people even notice? At Holier Grail, I feel they are worth pointing out.

While the media hangs its hat on the tragedies of life, I choose to highlight the miracles of life. At The Holier Grail I re-visit some of the greatest unexplained occurrences of recorded history and also report on the simpler events that happened to a neighbor or family member.

Realistically, we should never take anything for granted. Oh, the sun rising and setting is pretty much a given – for most. When we open our eyes upon waking we’ll see, hear, feel, smell the new day – for most. When we are hungry we eat – for most. When we leave home in the morning we’ll return that evening – for most. The point is, there are no guarantees. If you want to hear God laugh – as the saying goes – tell Her your plans. So true. We might think we know what to do with the cards life deals us, but at best we are just making educated guesses. So please take delight in the stories I share of the miracles that sometimes go unnoticed and are taken for granted to those which have brought enlightenment and hope to the people they have effected.

Thank you for joining me at The Holier Grail.

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