Miracles, Mother Teresa and Canonization

mother-teresaSome exciting stirrings going on at the Vatican as I write this. Mother Teresa is on the threshold of being recognized officially by the Church of Rome as a Saint. Next September, near or on the date of her death, an official canonization will be held. For you non-Catholics, the honor is bestowed on a person after three miracles “by their hand” have been performed posthumously.

The miracles have to qualify as the real deal. The events must pass under the eyes of cynical Cardinals and their interpretations of the guidelines. The miracles cannot be a magic trick performed by an illusionist fan. Duplicating an apple in a 3D printer won’t do it – but duplicating a pony, might. Nonetheless, Mother Teresa has nothing to prove in the Holier Grail’s book, and I would say the Blessed Teresa was already a Saint long before the Church will says so. Already revered as a modern-day saint her followers visit her tomb with prayer and receive strength and grace.

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