Miracles Or Natural Law?

miracles long viewHow much do our thoughts contribute to the world around us? Some Quantum Physicists believe that as we think so we manifest. Would that mean as a whole we are responsible for the tsunamis and the hurricanes, the earthquakes and the tornadoes along with the crime rates and general mayhem of the planet? Is science able to draw parallels between the healing of our bodies and the healing of conflicts between nations? A little far fetched for most of us to wrap our minds around, but more evidence is pointing at exactly that.

Modern physicists are looking at the collective human consciousness in a way that compares it with computer science. They are studying what we put into the field and how it comes back to us? You can’t pull up Firefox and get Chrome. Quantum physicists contend that you can’t order a limousine and get a skateboard. You – we, get in return what we project on a conscious, and way too often, unconscious scale. The question is how influential is one over the many?

Western science is now saying that nothing is separate, but everything is related. Basing this “new” information on findings that date back to antiquity, science is rediscovering teachings and principles that have been buried and lost through the ages. It’s estimated that the knowledge being rediscovered dates back 5,000 to 8,000 years. It gives insights to who we are, how we relate to the the rest of the world and our very influence over what happens.

Making sense out of what is being rediscovered is keeping the best minds of the day occupied. Historians acknowledge that there were two great knowledge dumps that interrupted our thread of understanding. The chains of knowledge that links our present day perception of who we know we are with that of the past have been broken. The first was when the Great Library in Alexandria, Egypt was burned, in the 4th Century BC. We know that over 536,000 scrolls were destroyed. Many of those scrolls that contained information passed along from the Egyptian medical and historical records that were already ancient in the 4th century BC.

The second interruption in our knowledge base was made in the year 325 AD, during the time of Constantine when biblical edits were ordered. These edits left valuable and pertinent information out of the history of humankind neglecting to include 45 books from the original text. These 45 books have been rediscovered with the unearthing of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

How can we apply the innate power of creation that is inherent in each of us? How can we harness the collective good to overcome the life sucking elements that plague our planet? How can we – as a whole accept and believe that we indeed have the inside track to this greater influence? How could we possibly educate seven billion people to the extent that we embrace our power?

Looking at the evidence pulled together over that past 20th century to substantiate claims of oneness, like particle observation, remote viewing, messages within our DNA, weather modification, all give pause as to where to take this knowledge. If humans can influence the state of the world, the weather and even their individual health, how does that bode for the future? Is this an opportunity to redefine who we are?

The questions abound and perhaps there are no signs of definite answers being made available to the general public, but the individual can and is cultivating this natural inheritance. What were once considered miracles are more commonplace than ever before. Through natural law, people are effecting the outcomes to particular events. More physical and emotional healings are taking place than doctors can explain. Spontaneous remissions are not as unheard of as they used to be. Even messages that are coming through from near death experiences, have raised an eyebrow or two in the scientific community.

Communications of hope and self-empowerment are at the center of activating our present awareness and the choices for the lives we want to live. Living in the age of technology more and more people are looking outside themselves for answers, yet even modern day science is starting to point to the direction of within. Finding solutions to personal and global problems lies no further than the body/mind within. We are our own miracles waiting to be rediscovered.

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